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Professional Whistling Reel

Sam Nulton is a unique blend of musical creativity.  As a professional whistler in NYC (yep, that's a real thing) and professional vocalist he has traveled the world in search of musical adventure.  While touring as a singer in various professional a cappella groups, he found out there was a whole world of competitive whistling where people take this kind of thing very seriously.  In 2016 he entered the Whistling World Championships in Tokyo (again, that's a real thing) and made the finals where he placed 7th in the world.  Since then, he has been featured in The Snoopy Show on Apple TV, whistled jingles for major companies like Toys R Us (well, they used to be major anyway), and has recorded with various artists on major label releases.  He also makes weird vocal loops on Youtube and produces and fronts a modern synth-pop band called GoodNight the Satellite.  If that wasn't enough, he recently won his first Emmy as a live sports camera operator.

He loves to collaborate on musical projects of all kinds so drop a note and say hello!  


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With the Brazosport Symphony Orchestra - Brazosport TX

More Dates To Come...

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