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Professional Whistling Reel

Sam Nulton is a unique blend of musical creativity.  As a professional whistler in NYC (yep, that's a real thing) and professional vocalist he has traveled the world in search of musical adventure.  While touring as a singer in various professional a cappella groups, he found out there was a whole world of competitive whistling where people take this kind of thing very seriously.  In 2016 he entered the Whistling World Championships in Tokyo (again, that's a real thing) and made the finals where he placed 7th in the world.  Since then, he has whistled jingles for major companies like Toys R Us (well, they used to be major anyway), and has recorded with various artists on major label releases.  He also makes weird vocal loops on Youtube and produces and fronts a modern synth-pop band called GoodNight the Satellite.  If that wasn't enough, he recently won his first Emmy as a live sports camera operator.

He loves to collaborate on musical projects of all kinds so drop a note and say hello!  


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With the Brazosport Symphony Orchestra - Brazosport TX

More Dates To Come...

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